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Pursuing local Josephine County solutions for the opiate crisis

Our Programs in Development, Board, and Steering Committee

Hope Home


Hope Home is a transitional housing program in development for pregnant women with opioid addiction challenges. We will house 4 to 6 women and their children for up to two years while providing treatment and education - addressing with a holistic approach the myriad of challenges women experience who are struggling with addiction and mothering at the same time.

We have begun accepting 20/20 donations for this project's development ($20 per month for 20 months).  Planning meetings also welcome all interested parties. Contact us for 20/20 donation or other details.

The Grace Roots Board of Directors


Chairperson: Dr. Steven Rotter
Vice Chair: Crystal Lee
Secretary/Treasurer: Jay Meredith
Michelle Belcher
Dr. Felicia Cohen
Josh Eastman
Archie Lidey
Lana McGregor

Nancy Yonally
Matt Owen
​​Rebecca Peterson

Julia Pinsky

Carol Stephens

Tammy Hotch

Grace Roots - Projects Steering Committee


Steering Committee
Honorable Lindi Baker
Circuit Court Judge (recently retired)
John Chambers
Sheriff Dave Daniel
Josephine County
Doug Flow PhD
Chief Warren Hensman
Grants Pass Public Safety
Andrew Luther, MD
Primary Health
Marilane Jorgenson
Program Manager, Options
Bob Morgan
Success Consultants of S. Oregon
Tim Roberts, MD
Grants Pass Clinic
Kelly Wessels
Rep. Carl Wilson
Oregon State Legislature