Other Local Addiction Services

Additional Services Contact Information

Also available for addiction services are:

ADAPT (541) 474-1033
Choices (541) 479-8847
Community Corrections (541) 474-5191
Options for Southern Oregon (541) 476-2373

All of these programs provide services to people struggling with opiate and other addictions.  Each one has a variety of tools and funding arrangements as well as the ability to refer to other services when needed.

If you're challenged with an opiate addiction, please call Grants Pass Treatment Center at 541-955-3210 and see: ​

Learn About the Hope Home Vision

Hope Home is a transitional housing program in development for pregnant women with opioid addiction challenges. We look to house 4 to 6 women and their children for up to two years while providing treatment and education - addressing with a holistic approach the myriad of challenges young women experience who are struggling with addiction and mothering at the same time.

Planning meetings welcome all interested parties. Contact us for details.

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